Dr. Darlene McCord Hires New Territory Manager for Animal Health Line

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 3.59.14 PMCoralville, IA, December 19th, 2013 –-McCord Research, owned by Darlene McCord, Ph.D., CEO, CSO, is the parent company of Pinnaclife Animal Health and has announced its expansion with a new west coast sales department. Pinnaclife Animal Health has hired an expert in the animal health veterinary sales field to help grow their new brand.

Russell Shinabarger will be the Territory Manager for McCord Research’s Animal Health Division, under the Pinnaclife brand products. Shinabarger will primarily focus on the west coast market, targeting the veterinary industry. Shinabarger is brining with him a strong network and a wealth of knowledge for the industry. He has 26 years experience in the animal health industry, specifically in distribution and sales. With past careers at Butler Animal Health and Teva Animal Health, his extensive knowledge of dermatology will be a key asset to the success of Pinnaclife Animal Health.  

“I’m very excited to be on board and to help with getting the Olivamine story out to the veterinarian community. I truly believe the products are revolutionary and will forever change the landscape of wound management in the industry,” Shinabarger said. “My goal is to reach as many clinics and practitioners with the benefits of the products and thus change the lives of the animals and their owners for the better.”

McCord Research is dedicated to respectable science that functions as the foundation for safe and successful topical and nutritional products for both humans and animals. 

Relief when she (we) needed it most!

Philly dogAs a pet owner and an employee of Pinnaclife, I am excited to tell you about the new Pinnaclife Animal Health topical products.  Pinnaclife is a healthcare and nutrition company committed to improving the quality of life for people and pets around the world. As a team of committed animal-lovers, Pinnaclife understands that when your pet is sick, you want the best product available to help return your pet to good health. Pinnaclife’s animal health skin care product line is developed by the creator of the #1 selling human medical skin care line in North America and is recommended by two of the industry’s leading veterinary dermatologists. Allowing you to give trusted products to your pet that were developed with the same care and quality as the top selling wound care brand that doctors recommend most.

I had been working for Pinnaclife for a couple of years before my boss told me that we would be launching an Animal Health line. Our human skin care line is incredible and has helped many people protect and heal problem skin, so I was very excited to learn that we would soon be offering the same support and help for pets. In particular, I was eager to try some of the products on my Italian Greyhound, Philly.

I love Philly as if she were my child. Normally, I’d say that she is a perfect pet. She always wants to play, she rarely barks and she jumps into my arms whenever I return home from a day at the office. However, there are occasions, when she reminds me that she is also a dog who likes doing dog things – like chasing rabbits and rolling around in the dirt.

One Friday afternoon, I had taken home some samples of Pinnaclife’s new animal health skin care products. I hadn’t intended on using the products that day, but I wanted them to try them eventually. I went to the frisbee golf course with some friends, and of course I brought Philly. She just loves to chase the discs and normally she is good off the leash.  Today, however, she had other interests: rabbits. We were on the fifth hole when Philly spotted the rabbit in the distance. Being an Italian Greyhound, Philly is small but incredibly fast. Before I knew it, she had disappeared into the tall grass surrounding the fairway. I called for her and did my best to try and catch her, but to no avail, she was on a mission. After a moment, Philly returned – without a rabbit, thank god – and I put her back on the leash and we finished our round of golf. On our ride home, I noticed that she had a few scrapes and some leaves under her collar. I assumed that she had rolled around in some grass or cut herself on some twigs during her rabbit chase and that it wouldn’t be an issue. By the time we got home though, I quickly realized that the scrapes were a big issue. The skin around the scrapes had become swollen and red. Philly was trying to scratch the area with her paw but whined when she made contact. She was visibly distressed and I could tell that she was uncomfortable. The redness spread and I called my Vet. She couldn’t see Philly until the morning, but said that it sounded like she may have come in contact with poison ivy or poison oak.

Thankfully, I remembered I had taken some samples of our Pinnaclife Animal Health products. I drew a bath for Philly and used the Soothe ‘N Moist shampoo first. The shampoo has a gentle lavender scent, which is calming to animals, and utilizes witch hazel, a natural anti-inflammatory. I could tell that Philly was in pain, but as soon as she was bathed, she was visibly calmer.  Her immediate calmness gave me a sense of relief that I can’t even describe! After the bath, I sprayed her swollen, red belly with the Clean ‘N Cool antipruitic spray. This product utilizes hydrocortisone as a natural analgesic. Unlike other products I have tried which utilize antibiotics or other drugs, I was more comfortable using this product liberally because I knew that it wouldn’t expose Philly to large amount of unnecessary drugs. Finally, I used the Seal ‘N Heal wound shield on the actual scrapes. This product was great. Again, utilizing hydrocortisone, I didn’t have to worry about exposing her to unnecessary amounts of drugs. But what was so fantastic about this product is that it acted as a natural band-aid! The wound shield covered the infected area, and despite her attempts, Philly could not lick the product off. The Seal ‘N Heal wound shield is made with a unique blend of silicones that literally can’t be licked off. In fact, the more a dog licks, the better the product works. Thankfully, Philly gets distracted, as most Italian Greyhounds do, so she didn’t spend too much time licking at the scrapes, but, for the more determined pup, both the Clean ‘N Cool antipruritic spray and the Seal ‘N Heal wound shield are available with an all natural, safe deterrent that discourages licking.

In the end, I took Philly to our Vet the following morning and sure enough, she had been exposed to poison oak. My Vet did prescribe an oral antibiotic for one week following the exposure, but also commented that Philly’s skin looked very good considering the exposure and the time. I showed her the Pinnaclife animal health products that I had used, and needless to say, she was very impressed with the results. She recommended that I keep using the spray and wound shield until the wounds had healed.

Philly was back to normal after a few days and I still use the Pinnaclife spray and wound shield when she gets into trouble. The Pinnaclife shampoo has replaced our old shampoo and she really seems to like it. I was incredibly grateful to have the products when I needed them. Seeing the immediate relief that it brought to Philly, and as a pet owner, experiencing the relief that it brought to me, is really indescribable. I would encourage everyone to try the line. As an employee at Pinnaclife, I can tell you that these products are safe and effective and are made with extra care with your pets in mind. As a pet owner who has used these products, I can tell you that they are lifesavers! You can try the products for yourself here. I was very grateful to have these products when I needed them and I am so excited to share my experience with you. You really have to try them for yourself. You’ll love them and so will your pets!


David Raduechel