Pinnaclife To Attend 2015 NFR

Pinnaclife is proud to announce that they will be attending the 2015 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada December 4th-13th. The NFR is the premier championship rodeo event in the United States and is the final rodeo event of the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) season. Events at the NFR include bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.

061390617NFR14-unlvtickets_image30yrsbThe show also includes a Cowboy Christmas Marketplace where event attendees, rodeo enthusiasts, horse and livestock owners, and spectators from around the country can indulge in the finest shopping that the “western” world has to offer. Pinnaclife Animal Health will be exhibiting and selling the equine products at the Cowboy Marketplace.

Ingredients Explained: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Aloe veraAloe Barbadensis leaf juice is used in the Pinnaclife animal health products for its soothing, anti-inflammatory effects as well as its wound healing abilities.


Say Ahhhh with Aloe

Aloe barbadensis is a type of succulent plant, commonly referred to as “aloe vera”, that is popular for the juice it stores in its leaves. Aloe leaf juice is commonly used in many medicinal products, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Scientific studies suggest that aloe vera enhances wound healing and has anti-inflammatory properties. For example, many sunburn relief gels include aloe for its ability to soothe inflamed skin. It has also been found to improve the healing of burns and be a skin moisturizer. Reports have also suggested that is is effective against certain skin diseases and infection.

Aloe Toxicity?

The aloe is common household plant, and can be toxic if ingested by
animals. As shown in the picture, the leaf contains a gel AloeLeafSectionMacro1slike substance on the inner portion (non-toxic) and a sap like substance around the edge called latex (toxic). When ingested, the latex can cause stomach upset such as vomiting and diarrhea. The inner gel, which is non-toxic, is the substance that is extracted as a juice for use in common products.

The aloe barbadensis juice found in the Pinnaclife products has undergone a strict process to ensure separation from the latex. It will provide soothing and comfort to your pet’s skin without the risk of them getting sick.

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Product Spotlight: Zinc Oxide Paste

Zinc Oxide Paste is a skin protectant cream for horses Zinc Oxidethat uses micronized zinc oxide and white petrolatum. It forms a semi-occulsive barrier to protect skin against moisture and bacterial contamination.

Micronized zinc oxide is zinc oxide that has been treated to reduce the average size of its particles, producing an ultra-fine powder.Regular zinc oxide can leave a white film on the skin when applied. Products containing micronized zinc oxide do not leave this film, offering a form of invisible zinc oxide protection, because the particles are too small to see with the naked eye.

Pinnaclife equine zinc oxide paste is ideal for foal diarrhea, urine scald, scratches aka “grease heel”, rashes, photosensitivity, and sunburn. The zinc oxide paste works against sunburn by completely blocking the skin from UVA/UVB rays by the sun. As a general rule, every 1% of zinc oxide translates to SPF 2, however SPF has not been tested.


  • Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide 20%
  • Aloe leaf juice to soothe irritated skin
  • Olivamine 10, a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitates optimal healing
  • Pure French lavender essential oil for a calming clean scent while serving as an antiseptic

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Product Spotlight: Equine Antipruritic Shampoo

Antipruritic Shampoo is a medicated shampoo formula for horses that provides immediate and temporary relief for itchy and inflamed skin. It is soap free, pH balanced, and contains ultra-mild surfactants that provide a rich lather that removes dander, scale, and debris without excessively removing naturally protective skin oils. Antipruritic Shampoo is perfect for routine bathing of horses with hypersensitive skin or other dermatological conditions.

horse-bath-i-julie-niemelaIt is ideal for horses with:  scratches/grease heel, foal diarrhea, urine scald,  rainrot/rain scald, ringworm, allergies (insect, food, and envornmental), atopic dermatitis, hives, bacterial infections, hypersensitive horses, dry skin and coat.



  • Olivamine 10, a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitates optimal healing
  • Antimicorbial chlorhexidine digluconate that is effective in the forumal against more than 21 wound pathogens including Gram +/_ bacteria, yeast and fungi
  • Active Ingredient witch hazel to reduce inflammation and relieve pruritus (itching)
  • Pure French lavender essential oil for a calming clean scent wile serving as an antiseptic

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