Product Spotlight: Deterrent Spray

Deterrent Spray is a bitter tasting spray for all equines that is designed to temporarily discourage unwanted biting, chewing, and licking behavior. It is safe to use directly on skin, hair, or in the environment. Pinnaclife-Equine-line-072214-%C2%A92014-Jonathan-David-Sabin_Infinity-Photographic-Productions-All-Rights-Reserved-_DSC7312

The Pinnaclife deterrent spray is ideal for: incision sites, wounds, surgical stitches, bandages, blankets, stall doors, fences, metal or non-metal objects, cribbing, wood chewing, foal tail biting, destructive behavior, self mutilation behavior, or any area where this behavior is discouraged.


  • Denatonium benzoate for its extremely bitter taste
  • pure French lavender essential oil for its clean and calming scent
  • Olivamine 10 – a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitate optimal wound healing

iStock_000032490270_LargeDenatonium benzoate is used in the Pinnaclife deterrent spray as a behavior modifier for its extremely bitter taste. It is a colorless and scentless compound that is globally accepted as a  safe and effective deterrent. It is non-sensitizing, non-allergenic, and non-irritating. While having a very foul taste, the ingredient is harmless to people, animals, plants, and the environment. Read more in our other post “Ingredients Explained: Denatonium Benzoate”  

When applying any of the Pinnaclife deterrent products we recommend wearing gloves, so you don’t get the bitter taste!


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