About Us

Our Mission

Provide the highest level of research and development for skin, wound care, and nutritional products to improve the quality of life for people and animals around the world.

Our Motto

“Tested on Humans. Loved by Animals.”

Pinnaclife is a science company supporting better health through Olivamine10TM. For over 20 years, Pinnaclife has dedicated 100% of its efforts and research dollars towards using nutrition to prevent and mitigate disease while helping patients regain their health under a doctor’s care. Pinnaclife research culminates in completed products that are made available to leading companies with ethical and solid marketing and distribution capabilities.

Pinnaclife and its parent company McCord Research develop high quality, best selling lines of professional dietary supplements and skin and wound care products for humans and pets, including the current #1 selling medical based skin and wound care line, Remedy with Olivamine®. Pinnaclife is committed to adhering to the highest standards of quality assurance, cGMP, and cGLP to ensure the safety and efficacy of all of its products.


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