Dr. Darlene McCord

Dr. McCord is McCord Research’s Senior Researcher; she brings a unique blend of scientific credentials to the position. Through her leadership, Pinnaclife and its parent company McCord Research have achieved worldwide recognition in the OTC Drug and Medical Device categories. Her field of specialty is corneotherapy, focusing on the transport of small molecules across the stratum corneum for the treatment of skin disorders associated with distressed and wounded skin. She is widely published on subjects related to immunodermatology and corneotherapy.

Dr. McCord is known for her work, as a biochemist, in skin, wound care and nutritional supplements. She has been awarded two patents and six medical devices in the field. She currently has more than 30 skin health products being sold around the world. Dr. McCord’s most current commercialized skin and wound care product offering is the Remedy with Olivamine® brand distributed by Medline Industries, which is currently the number one selling medical skincare line in North America. Dr. McCord has also developed the Restore line for Hollister and the Cavalon line for 3M.

Dr. McCord received her first patent in 1993 and her second patent was awarded in 1997. Dr. McCord continues to pursue her interests in skin repair systems, barrier repair systems, nutrition, antioxidants, cancer, diabetes, and animal health. Dr. McCord is excited to bring her expertise and over 40 years of skin and wound care experience to her animal skincare line.

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