Product Spotlight: Deterrent Spray

Deterrent Spray is a bitter tasting spray for all equines that is designed to temporarily discourage unwanted biting, chewing, and licking behavior. It is safe to use directly on skin, hair, or in the environment. Pinnaclife-Equine-line-072214-%C2%A92014-Jonathan-David-Sabin_Infinity-Photographic-Productions-All-Rights-Reserved-_DSC7312

The Pinnaclife deterrent spray is ideal for: incision sites, wounds, surgical stitches, bandages, blankets, stall doors, fences, metal or non-metal objects, cribbing, wood chewing, foal tail biting, destructive behavior, self mutilation behavior, or any area where this behavior is discouraged.


  • Denatonium benzoate for its extremely bitter taste
  • pure French lavender essential oil for its clean and calming scent
  • Olivamine 10 – a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitate optimal wound healing

iStock_000032490270_LargeDenatonium benzoate is used in the Pinnaclife deterrent spray as a behavior modifier for its extremely bitter taste. It is a colorless and scentless compound that is globally accepted as a  safe and effective deterrent. It is non-sensitizing, non-allergenic, and non-irritating. While having a very foul taste, the ingredient is harmless to people, animals, plants, and the environment. Read more in our other post “Ingredients Explained: Denatonium Benzoate”  

When applying any of the Pinnaclife deterrent products we recommend wearing gloves, so you don’t get the bitter taste!

CLEAN ‘N COOL™ Deterrent Antipruritic Spray

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 10.53.06 AMPurpose
Clean ‘N Cool Spray can be used independently or conjunctively with Soothe ‘N Moist Shampoo and/or Seal ‘N Heal Wound Shield to provide antimicrobial and antipruritic activity for patients being treated for regional and local skin disease or wounds.


  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent is scientifically formulated to provide immediate and temporary relief from inflammation and pruritus.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent is ideal for wound care as well as common skin disorders.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent contains Olivamine10 – a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitates optimal wound healing.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent contains a therapeutic dose of witch hazel to help reduce swelling and inflammation, and reduce pathogens.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent contains antimicrobial chlorhexidine gluconate that is effective in this formula against more than 21 wound pathogens including Gram +/- bacteria, yeast, and fungi.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent uses hydrocortisone as its OTC Active Ingredient to reduce inflammation and relieve pruritus.
  • Clean ‘N Cool Spray Deterrent uses pure French lavender essential oil for a calming, clean scent while serving as an antiseptic.

Contains denatonium benzoate, a potent bittering agent, that is internationally certified as a safe and effective deterrent for both animals and humans. It has been used in this capacity for over 50 years. Denatonium benzoate is mandated in products used around the world to protect against chemical ingestion by pets and children. It is used in the Pinnaclife Animal Health products as a behavior modification ingredient.

Olivamine has been the top selling human skin and wound care brand in North America and continues to dominate the market.

All Pinnaclife products contain Olivamine10 which is a delicately balanced patent-pending blend of olive leaf extract, methylsulfonylmethane, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, L-taurine, L-proline, glycine, and vitamins B3 and B6. These ingredients are provided in the amounts shown to behave synergistically during in-vitro testing. It is a proven antioxidant blend, found exclusively in all Pinnaclife products, that facilitates wound healing and protects against free radicals that lead to inflammation and disease.

Clinically Tested and Approved by Craig Griffin, DVM, Diplomate ACVD, and Wayne Rosenkrantz, DVM, Diplomate ACVD

Analytical Testing preformed by Micro Quality Labs. Testing methods conform to ISO 9001 and GLP Standards.

Cautions: Federal Law (USA) restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. For external use in dogs and cats only. Not intended for use in humans.