Product Spotlight: Soothe ‘N Moist

SSoothe N Moist Antipruritic Shampoo Bottleoothe ‘N Moist Antipruritic Shampoo is a medicated shampoo formula for dogs and cats that gently cleans while providing temporary relief from pruritic (itchy) and inflamed skin. It is soap free and contains ultra mild surfactants that provide a rich lather and easy rinse. Soothe ‘N Moist is pH balanced, non-drying, and ideal for daily bathing.

It is ideal for dogs and cats with: atopic dermatitis, flea bite hypersensitivity, environmental allergies, pyoderma, acral lick dermatitis, malassezia dermatitis, and malodor.


Cat in the showerSoothe ‘N Moist Antipruritic Shampoo contains:

  • Olivamine 10, a synergistic blend of small molecules that facilitates optimal healing
  • Antimicorbial chlorhexidine digluconate that is effective in the forumal against more than 21 wound pathogens including Gram +/_ bacteria, yeast and fungi
  • Active Ingredient witch hazel to reduce inflammation and relieve pruritus (itching)
  • Pure French lavender essential oil for a calming clean scent wile serving as an antiseptic

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