Testimonial Videos

Dr. Rosenkrantz Discussing Wound Shield

Dr. Rosenkrantz Recommendation

Dr. Griffin Treating Without Antibiotics

Dr. Rosenkrantz Recommending Products for Diseases

Dr. Griffin Products for Allergic Dogs

Dr. Rosenkrantz Product Overview

Dr. Griffin Otitis Externa

Dr. Rosenkrantz Medicated Ear Cleanser

Dr. Griffin Malassezia Pyoderma

Dr. Griffin Infections Testing

Dr. Rosenkrantz Easy Product Use

Dr. Griffin Ear Products

Dr. Rosenkrantz  Ear Hydrogel

Dr. Rosenkrantz Deterrent Wound Shield

Dr. Griffin Deterrent Atopic Dermatitis

Dr. Rosenkrantz Deterrent Antipruritic Spray

Dr. Griffin Deterrent Antipruritic Spray

Dr. Rosenkrantz Avoiding Antibiotics

Dr. Griffin Atopic Dermatitis

Dr. Rosenkrantz Antipruritic Spray

Dr. Rosenkrantz Antipruritic Shampoo

Dr. Griffin Antipruritic Shampoo

Dr. Griffin Recommendation

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